Construction Process
Can you imagine a construction process you can count on?

We consider remodeling or new construction a process, not a product. We strive to provide you with an enjoyable experience throughout the project, not just at its completion.

1. Once contracted, we give a projected starting date that works out with our availability and your desired time frame. When we get to within a week of your job start we again update and confirm the actual starting day we will be there. We also project realistic completion dates.

2. The first day of the job you will be introduced to the job site foreman.  The foreman will be in charge of your project from beginning to end, and any and all communications can go through him to our office. In addition, the company supervisor will be in daily direct communication with the jobsite to monitor progress and attend to any situation which requires their assistance.

3. If possible we prefer you be there on the starting day. We will take this opportunity to discuss household matters such as arrangements for parking, yard signs, home access, bathroom facilities (we typically bring a porta-john), family pets and any other special concerns. If arrangements cannot be made the first day we will meet at your convenience prior to the start of the job.

4. Our work day is from 8 a.m. - 4.30 p.m. Monday through Friday, unless there is a special arrangement. Clean-up at the end of each day is an essential part of our work.

5. Our foremen and crew wear company shirts and hats for identification and thus give comfort in knowing who is on your property and in your home. Respect for your home is of the utmost importance in our process. Professional etiquette in actions and language is standard company policy.

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